In the beginning hair transplants, or follicular unit extraction, was performed by hand, using a specialized set of surgical instruments. Needless to say, medical technologies have come a long way since then. And so to the neograft hair transplant. It utilizes an automated hair transplant device, acting as an extension of the surgeon’s hand. Controlled air pressure is used to slide a graft out smoothly. There is no pulling or twisting that could lead to damage of the graft during the transplantation process.

neograft hair transplant

Using this automated device has several benefits for patients. It cuts down time on procedure. It also allows for more grafts to be harvested within a shorter period of time. And because no forceps are being used during this automated extraction, there is less risk of mechanical injury to grafts during extraction. The device holds all follicular units in a chamber. This prevents the hair from drying out. It achieves the objective of keeping all grafts fresh and vital at the time of implantation. The probability of each individual graft taking root if you will and going on to thrive is increased manifold.

After this procedure is completed, patients are able to resume their normal day to day activities within a few days. As to who should be going in for this form of restorative treatment it is best left to the specialist physician to decide. He will first have to complete a thorough diagnosis. This will also pave the way towards pinpointing the root cause of the excessive hair loss. That being said, it has to be stressed that there are many reasons for excessive hair loss. But just remember that a clump of hairs in your comb or hair brush does not qualify you for such treatment.