Women do not lose hair as much as men do. The reason for this is fairly simple. Men have large amounts of the hormone testosterone in their bodies. It can change into another form which is much stronger and part of the effect is alopecia or hair loss which can continue to fall out until you are bald. In many cases, there can be a genetic predisposition for hair loss.

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Either way, the hair is still going away and this can be a sad thing for anyone. You might not think it is a big deal until it happens to you. Or maybe you just started losing hair and you don’t think it will get worse. Now you can understand hair loss as a physical process. The notion that stress can also cause your hair to fall out is actually true. In this case, it would be due to another hormone called cortisol.

This is all clear and you want to get a hair transplant Atlanta clinics offer to all people. This is a different method of regaining hair and one of the most practical. Hair follicles are taken from other parts of the body and implanted in the scalp. Then those follicles will begin producing hair just like the dead follicles did before they closed up in the first place.

City life in Atlanta is fast and confusing at times. This is definitely a city of stress along with a need to look good. Vanity does extend very far and people who do not look their best become social outcasts, which is truly sad. At the same time, you can take care of the hair issue even if you are busy. Once you go to the clinic, you can set up any schedule that will fit for you. There can be many visits to complete the transplants.