Getting older means that you will lose some cognitive function. It is called “age associated cognitive decline” and it happens to everyone as they age. For some people, it does not occur as rapidly or as extensively as it does in others. There are different factors to maintaining brain health. First of all, you have to get all of the right nutrients in your diet, especially B-vitamins and healthy fatty acids.

You might not think that fats are important to brain health. The entire brain is made out of fat. That is all it is, but the neurons are connected in such a fashion that they can change. Without omega-3 fats in the diet, these connection will weaken in order to adapt. The result is lack of concentration and memory problems. Some call it “brain fog” and think it is perfectly normal.

supplements for brain health

The fact of the matter is you do not have to experience this decline in cognitive function if you use supplements for brain health. It starts with using the fats. DHA is one of the most important fats for brain performance. It is typically found only in fish and certain algae. Fish oil is absolutely the best source for DHA. Otherwise you would literally have to eat brains (and some people do as a delicacy).

You are trying to move away from a zombie brain though, so stick with the supplements. Another important nutrient is choline, but alone it is not such a great supplement for the brain and memory. There is a form of it called phosphatidylserine and that is also a type of fat with a similar molecular form as the same compound found in the brain. It keeps the axons and dendrites of the brain all connected. Ultimately, there are many other nutrients that can help. Look online to buy what you need.